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Pane Gusto & Fantasia offers you the Dolfi Liquors, a historic Tuscan brand born in Ponsacco in 1945

Alimentari Pane Gusto & Fantasia presents its local products.

The Dolfi liqueur factory, a historic Tuscan brand born in Ponsacco in 1945, continues its business thanks to four young entrepreneurs who believed in its relaunch by recovering the ancient recipes of the founders.

We enhance our territory ❤️

✔ The Liquorificio Dolfi continues its adventure ...

Everything happens after the war: in our country the desire to restart and rebuild is not lacking and it was not lacking even in Libero and Luigi. The two brothers, hitherto bartenders, rolled up their sleeves and decided to open a liquor laboratory. The inspiration was, however, the logical consequence that derived from the management of the business. Thus was born in via dei Mille in Ponsacco a small shop that took the name of Dolfi liquor factory. To carry on the family-run business are the sons of Libero and Luigi., Who, having reached the retirement period and having reached the age limit, risked closing the company, until four musketeers manage to save a piece of history of Ponsacco.

The Barsanti sisters Silvia and Ombretta, together with Sergio Badalassi and Alessandro Colli (nephew of one of the Dolfi brothers) who already worked for the company, decide to take over the reins. Hence the transfer from via Livornese di Ponsacco to via di Gello alle Melorie, in a new spacious warehouse equipped with new technologies. The Dolfi brand is safe and the adventure continues

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Alimentari Pane Gusto & Fantasia di Serena Ghilli 
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Tel +39058830177 - Cell e Whatsapp +393475804173

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